About Us

Excellent and Affordable Educational Programmes with specially designed Online Modules that will help you fast track to a University Qualification.

At Online Business School (OBS), we help students and professionals in Africa to pursue vocational education courses and improve their skills and enhance their productivity through our Online Learning Pathways. We prepare you to achieve success, not just in your career, but also in life. Our wide range of courses will provide you with the necessary business knowledge and essential skills to compete in the globally competitive corporate world.

Online Business School is dedicated to provide high quality and tailored online module packages and university programmes to students from different parts of Africa. You can easily fast track your way to an on-campus or distance learning UK University Qualification with our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma Awards.

The web based modules offered by the Online Business School enables the students to choose what they learn, when they learn and how they learn. The modules have been designed and developed to help you learn in an affordable, engaging and much faster way. Our expert team of online educators and administrators provide world class support to all learners so that they can improve their skills and reach their professional goals. You can access our 24/7 student networking platform, one-to-one online tutorials, personal dashboards, group webinars and collection of pre-recorded group webcasts to develop your skills base.

Online Business School (OBS) gives you the freedom to plan and schedule your studies according to your convenience and need. Our exclusive distance learning online programmes are based on evolved and advanced education models which enables students from different backgrounds and regions to pursue a professional education. The pathways offered through the online interactive modules and assessments provide excellent professional training. You can easily use these as credits for attaining Business Administration and MBA degrees from a wide range of Universities in UK.

The high quality and affordable education programmes offered by the Online Business School have been designed in such way so that it can help to enrich your lives and enable you to improve your career and your company.