Become an OBS Agent

The greatest challenge in the twenty-first century is to ensure that the students all over the world receive business degrees despite having limitations such as inadequate funds or a student visa.

You can choose to be a professional agent and your responsibility will be to make sure that students receive their UK University degrees and can complete their MBAs online.

They can complete their higher education at a cost of £4000-5000. If you are interested in this proposal have a look at the referral voucher scheme.

What is your role as an agent?


  • Agents can refer students to us through enrolling them directly or even by working with larger or small corporate companies.
  • OBS provides the students with short interactive online learning modules along with a social learning forum. They can also take online tuition, which is optional, with tutors through webinars or opt for one to one classes.
  • Every module has an online assessment that has to be completed by the student.
  • The entire programme is validated by a group of assignments that are accepted by OFQUAL UK and thus by UK Universities also.

If you are interested you can become an agent or a recruitment consultant with Online Business School. You will be directly enrolling students or you will interact with corporate firms so that the people who are employed can enhance their key skills and if required obtain their MBA or university degree.

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The Corporate Advantage


An organisation can purchase a license for any number of modules for the purposes of CPD or training but may also purchase optional assessments if the intention is the provide staff with the opportunity to progress through to a full university qualification. The organisation can of course supplement the learning with their own trainer support.

Prices and further information on bespoke programmes are available on request.

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