OBS Assessments

Each OBS module has a 1 hour online Multiple Choice Assessment (MCA) which will test your understanding and knowledge of the module content and related learning outcomes. Our African students may choose to buy assessments as part of a full university pathway or as part of a package.

Taking an Assessment

Our learners in Africa must understand that knowledge of particular module details, as well as the additional references included in the modules, will be needed to answer questions in the assessment. So you must carefully revise the content before you take an assessment, especially if the subject matter specifies the learning outcomes which are being tested. The questions in your assessment are generated randomly and focus on the specified learning outcomes of the modules. Therefore none of the tests will include the same questions.

The online test will time out automatically after the completion of the scheduled 1 hour. You will then be certified with either “Pass” or “Refer.” A Pass certification will be counted as credits when you apply for an accredited university programme. However, a Refer will indicate that you were unable to reach the required pass rate and you will have to retake the assessment for that particular module.

Assessment Retakes

If you have to retake the test, then you will be required to repurchase the assessment (but not the particular module) through your shopping basket. You can only buy assessments if you have already purchased the corresponding module. Retakes are targeted at the same learning outcomes but consist of different questions. Moreover, all assessment papers will be unique and different especially when assessments are taken inside a classroom environment.

After you complete the assessment, your paper will be automatically checked and scored. The result of the test will be emailed to you immediately in the form of a Certificate of Completion if you pass. If you are unable to pass the first retake, then you will receive a formal notification of refer and further instructions for another retake.

ATHE Assignments (ASG)

After the successful completion of all the module online assessments at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level, our students from Africa will become eligible to advance to the ATHE assignments (ASG) at level 4, 5 and 7. This consists of 8 written assignments which you can complete over a period of 12 weeks after you have finished and passed 50% of the assessments. ATHE assignments will be emailed to you on request which you will need to return electronically after completion. Each ATHE assignment (ASG) is approximately 3000 words. These have been developed to test your knowledge, application and understanding of the learning outcomes. After passing the ASG, you will have the option to progress to a University Top-up programme

If you are pursuing the level 6 Management Diploma, then you will have a single OBS accredited assignment. This will make you eligible for specific master’s level Management programmes.

Computer Outage During Assessments

Unfortunately OBS cannot make allowances for the student’s system failure or downtime during assessments. You must take every necessary precaution to make sure that your power supply is secured and your computer system is robust.

However, if the OBS system fails at all during an assessment, the Online Business School will refund in full. Your test will be retained up to the point of outage. When the computer outage is our responsibility, OBS will give credit to the student whereby you will be able to complete the test free of charge.