Final Assignments

Our students in Africa will have the chance of successfully completing a series of 8 work-based assignments which are authenticated to fast track you to the final year of a full-time BA Honours Degree or the final phase of an MBA degree at an affiliated university. These assignments act as a bridge between completing Undergraduate/Postgraduate modules and online assessments.

OBS Assignment Details

The assignments may be college-based or work-based; however, it is imperative that these must relate to a real-life situation. The assignments are designed in such a way that it provides you the opportunity to display your understanding and knowledge related to all the learning outcomes included in the programme. You will be issued the assignments along with the guidelines before beginning this stage. These are usually delivered electronically by OBS to the learners and should also be submitted electronically for marking.

As a student of the Online Business School, you will be provided the 8 assignments after you have successfully completed and passed 50 per cent of your programme. You must complete the assignments within a period of 12 weeks of completion of the final module as well as corresponding MCA.

Objectives of Assignments

The final assignments incorporate all the knowledge that you have gained from the course modules. This gives our students in African nations the opportunity to gain work-based experience in the key subjects that are needed to progress into the final year of a university degree and advance to a rewarding professional career in any commercial sector.

You can also apply for the ATHE assignments (ASG) pack after you have successfully completed and passed 50 per cent of your MCA programmes.

Mentors for Assignments

As an OBS Africa student, you will be required to nominate a mentor for your assignments and also provide an updated resume. In this regard, a mentor can be a senior company official or your direct manager at work or it can also be an academic head of acceptable standing.

Your mentor is expected to counsel and guide you through each of your assignments, wherever appropriate. Furthermore, your mentor also needs to sign off the piece of work on completion as representing the students and representing the students’ own work. Both OBS and ATHE reserve the right to contact and communicate with any and all the mentors, if needed, during the course of the assignments or on its completion. It is necessary that the mentor agrees to such contact.

Assignments Marking Scheme

The marking scheme of the assignments focuses on evidence that the each of the learning outcomes set by OBS within the modules have been properly met, particularly in terms of understanding and knowledge. Marking helps to examine how you or any of our African students have undertaken any research required; if the recommendations and conclusions have efficacy and validity; and the structure and consistency of the assignments as well as coherence and general presentation.

After completion, you may be required to take a final remote oral examination or viva voce with your mentor. This will help to verify any unclear and ambiguous aspect of your assignment and work.


When you complete the process successfully, you will graduate with a QAA approved Undergraduate or Postgraduate Diploma. OBS qualifications are recognised by all major universities in UK, Africa and other parts of the world. Our qualifications are also recognised by OFQUAL, the leading Government body for academic standards in Higher Education in UK.

The level 6 course has a single final assignment.