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Deliver Your Brand With Our Fully Accredited UK University Pathways Programme

“A Credible Pathway To UK University Qualifications At An Affordable Cost.”

Now you can take part in the learning and teaching revolution by partnering with the Online Business School. We offer you the opportunity to deliver recognised UK University qualifications to your students.

We provide you excellent online learning programmes, assessments and a customised learning platform which has been tailored to meet your specific requirements. OBS offers programmes fully validated by OFQUAL at level 4, 5, 6 and 7, which provides the learners an opportunity to top up to UK universities at both undergraduate or postgraduate levels.

Find out more about this exciting and unique initiative that will help your college to progress into the 21st century with a state-of-the-art online learning model.

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Partnering with the Online Business School

Any college partnering OBS will run diploma programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels using OBS learning materials and OBS assessments, both of which are online. Colleges can add any additional activities they choose such as additional lectures or workshops and they can charge whatever market price they choose to the student. After completion of this part of the programme students can Top-up to BA or MBA qualifications from a range of UK universities by distance learning or study on Campus in the UK.

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