Frequently Asked Questions


No! There is no need for any previous qualifications or experience for our modules. However some colleges and Universities might require a minimum age and some basic supervisory experience for you to start a University top-up programme.
No. We do not have any interview process.
First you must decide whether you want a formal qualification attached to your programme, where you will need to buy the associated assessments and pursue the specific qualification pathway. You should also decide whether you want to acquire a certain set of skills or improve on existing ones, in which case you can just study the modules relevant to your needs.
It is imperative that you select a path which will allow you to move ahead from your existing level of skills and work experience.
There is no need for any application. Just select your modules and start studying. It’s that simple.


If you are a student in the UK then you may be eligible for student loans for your University Top-Up programme. You can make enquiries directly to your chosen University.
No...we at OBS do not levy any additional costs, but you will have the opportunity to purchase additional learning resources including tutor support. For more information on our Tutor Support click here.
Assessments are included with module purchases. You can see our pricing page for more information on pricing.
We are determined to get you through to an MBA or a University degree for less than £4000. There are different costs allocated to different study pathways. All our costs are detailed to suit all types of learners. If you are a learner, please click here to view prices.
If you are a college, partner or corporate company, please contact us here for more details.


ATHE (Awards for Training and Higher Education) offers colleges with qualifications in business, management, tourism and social &health care. ATHE has created a strong reputation through rewarding qualifications, excellent customer service, as well as satisfied learners with progression routes to University degrees.

ATHE offers comprehensive University progressions, great value for money, dedicated support from an ATHE officer, External Verifier support, customised training support, innovative qualifications, flexible delivery solutions, simple & easy to use documents and website, a close business development relationship and a global focus.

Once you achieve an OBS qualification, you will be automatically mapped against a standard UK Higher Education qualification framework. We follow a globally recognised framework of credits. Universities can award credits against our study to provide exemptions from hefty parts of their formal programmes.

ATHE and OBS have pre-agreed arrangements with some Universities to offer credits against programmes either off campus or on campus. This is termed ‘University Top-Up’.


The Online Business School Ltd is a company registered in the UK under English law.

At Online Business School (OBS), we help you and other learners in Africa to pursue vocational education courses and improve their skills and enhance their productivity through our Online Learning Pathways. Our wide range of courses will provide you with the necessary skills to compete in the globally competitive corporate world.

Online Business School is dedicated to offer high quality and tailored management and business online modules and courses to students from different parts of Africa. All our learning materials, content and activities are offered online through the latest delivery modes to make learning more effective, engaging and affordable.

Personal Details

You can easily edit all your details through the student dashboard.
Once you have completed all modules provided by the Online Business School, your access will be prohibited. Access will also be prohibited on entrance to the student forums unless you are still studying.
If you have forgotten or lost your log in details, you can request a new password on provision of your email address. The form can be found on the login page.
All our programmes are mapped against UK higher education qualifications. So these are fully transferable to a range of other higher education routes as well as professional qualifications.

The OBS modules will help you acquire additional skills in your selected area. In case you opt to complete a full University pathway, then you will have to coordinate it with your chosen University.

After you successfully complete your final year at University, you will earn an accredited degree or post graduate qualification from your selected UK University. This will surely open doors to excellent job opportunities and career options.

Student Support

You can request tutor help or seek help from dedicated forums.
You can easily register on the social learning site which will allow you to develop friendships, connections and networking with fellow learners from around the world.
Although you may choose to simply study the modular materials, you can also use module and course relevant forums without any restrictions. This will allow you to communicate and interact with fellow learners from different parts of the world. You may also choose to purchase additional tutor support as well. Tutors will also present webinars on demand which you can purchase additionally.


You need to complete all modules detailed in your required course option. Moreover you also have to complete all associated assessments along with the final project.
As long as you have a reliable internet access, you can use any computer to complete online modules and courses.
Yes you can. But it can be accessed only with an internet connection. All digital interactivity has been coded for compatibility on touch screens but is currently not responsive. Future application plans will support offline learning.
Our modules are sufficient for passing the associated assessments. The modules consist of additional accessible resources which you can follow through to enhance your learning and these are offered within the text.
Each module and assessment that you pass will generate a Certificate of Completion which details level of study, module content and learning outcomes achieved. It is mapped against formal UK educational quality guidelines that are defined by QAA.
You can learn at a pace that conveniently suits your current lifestyle.
There are no exemptions or credits within the OBS system of study.
You can take any modules and any assessment in accordance with the module. You will have to take the modules in the defined structure to qualify for full certification. However all OBS modules are suitable for personal skill development even without any certification.
Once you complete the entire programme of modules as detailed and also finish the assignments, you will be awarded an ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management or ATHE level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management. This qualification is accepted by UK higher education authorities as well as the University sector.
You will have the option to take an online assessment with all our modules. If you complete the requisite number of assessments, you will acquire a qualification recognised by most leading Universities.

OBS assessments comprise of 30 multiple choice questions and last for one hour. You can purchase assessments either along with the associated module or at a later date with a module purchase.

You will have to answer questions in sets of 5 to allow for review and editing if required. If a particular session times out or an issue occurs throughout, the assessment will time out at the point of the previous 5 questions so that you do not lose your assessment credit. Results will be provided immediately on completion. You can find out more on the assessment page.

The interactive activities in our modules include exercises, tests and assessments which will offer a guide to your progress through the module.

Studying Outside The UK

The Online Business School has a network of overseas banks that will take payment direct or alternatively by credit/debit card.
OBS cannot act as a Visa sponsor but your selected University partner can.
You do not need a Visa to study online. If you want to take the University Top-up programme on campus in the UK, you will need a student Visa. You must apply for this through your chosen University.
Yes you can study from any part of Africa or any other country. There are no geographical limitations for online study.