Other Development Products and Programmes

Personalise Your Learning with Flexible Module Packages from OBS

You can easily make your study flexible and have a personalised learning experience by purchasing from a collection of modules on a variety of specific subjects that will help in your personal development. You do not need to buy all the modules at the same time. You can study the modules as per your convenience and preference. Our students in Africa will have the opportunity to develop their own customised learning programme simply by selecting from a range of modules.

All the OBS modules are designed as self-contained educational programmes which have been developed by experts to teach a particular range of skills. These modules have been mapped against Qualifications Curriculum Framework (QCF) learning outcomes and thus provide university progression routes.

Moreover, OBS modules are also developed against skills-based outcomes that you may use as personal development programmes in certain areas. In such cases, you are not required to take the assessments and the OBS modules can be used entirely as personal improvement programmes.

Personal Development Products and Programmes

  • Lifelines. This programme has been developed to help you in developing an enhanced understanding of various aspects of work/life balance. It also provides training in different areas of personal performance management, relationship management and stress management.
  • Skill Bytes.This set of eBooks includes a series of concise and useful self learning manuals which help you to improve your management skills.
  • Skills Builders. This includes a series of workbooks that will facilitate you in self-learning in a wide array of subject areas.
  • Building a Business. This particular programme is designed to cover the various aspects of starting and building a business.
  • Management Videos. This is mainly an excellent collection of business orientated educational videos which will provide you an enhanced understanding of specific business management topics.