Postgraduate Management Course

The Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management from OBS is a 30 module (120 credit) course designed to teach you the major elements in business and management. It provides you a fast track gateway to progress onto a Postgraduate Masters and MBA Top up. The 30 interactive modules focus on the key areas of business management that will help our African students to build careers in growing economies like Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, Algeria, Uganda, Botswana, Ethiopia etc.

OBS Modules

The OBS modules have been specially designed for our students in Africa. These help you in both professional and personal development and improve your ability and understanding at a strategic level. The OBS Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management will prepare you for an outstanding career in your desired field of Business and Management.

Each of our learning modules include 40 guided learning hours of material. It also comprises of 30-50 hours of additional optional materials. The optional materials include recommended exercises, readings and different internet resources. OBS modules also include self testing exercises, which you need to answer carefully. Even though these testing exercises are not graded neither do they count in your final assessment, but the marking is usually checked against your final assessment scores to test for consistency. If there is clear inconsistency between the standards reached in the ongoing exercise and the score in a full assessment, then OBS reserves the right to investigate.

Governing Bodies

All the course modules developed by OBS are mapped against the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) framework. These are recognised by ATHE which is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL), the leading Government body for academic standards in higher education in the UK. Moreover, we have articulated the learning outcomes against the ATHE UK ( curriculum, which is a recognised awarding body assessed and monitored by QAA (Quality Assurance Agency), the Government appointed quality assurance body.


After completing each module, you will get the opportunity to complete associated assessments. Then you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion that will confirm your levels of study and the learning outcomes you have achieved. Upon completion of all the OBS modules in the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management course, you will acquire skills needed for a professional managerial role in accounting, marketing, business consultancy etc. Your final qualification will also be recognised by many top Universities worldwide.


The Fee for enrolling onto the complete course is £1095, which includes everything you will require to complete the course. You may also choose to pay in 2 instalments, which consists of £700 for all 30 modules, and then a further £500 for the final assignment stage. You can find more information about our fees on our prices page.

Module Listing

Qualities of Effective Leadership

You will get the opportunity to explore the process of making and developing of effective and successful leaders.

Developing Interpersonal Skills

It is highly important to bond and connect with people in the commercial sectors to run a successful business. In this module you will learn skills to enhance your communication skills and techniques to develop better bonds.

Motivating and Influencing People

With this OBS module you will gain knowledge about how to inspire your staff and other people in your organisation to develop a unity of direction within business.

Making Decisions

As an MBA graduate you are expected to do the right things at the right time in the right way. Here you will explore the process of making the right decision and how to capitalise on it.

Creativity and Problem Solving

Do you think of challenges as threats or opportunities to grow? In this module you will learn about converting challenges and difficulties into advantages for your business.

Studying and Using Management Theories

This OBS module will teach you about the various theories related with management and different models developed from them. You will learn the concepts along with real life examples.

The External Operating Environment of Business

Here you will gain understanding about planning for influences on your business that are beyond your control.

Impact of Technology on Business

Learn how to future proof your business in this evolving

Governance and Directorships

Explore the best ways to structure and control your business in the most professional way.

Analysing the Competition

It is important that you find out what your competitors doing, why they are doing it and how they are doing it. This module helps you to improve your managerial skills by enabling you to review and analyse your competitor’s activities.

Marketing Strategy

Learn about developing marketing strategies and planning effective marketing campaigns to create a successful market presence.

High Performance Sales

Here you will learn about the crucial elements in selling successfully.

E-Marketing Communication

This OBS module teaches you to understand and use effectual electronic messages to market.

Customers And Their Needs

Learn how to understand and recognise your customers and value them

Strategic Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management has an essential function in the strategy of any business. Learn about the people of your company as they are an asset to your business.

Recruiting and CPD

Explore the ways to hire the best candidates, developing the best employees and keeping the best staff.

Measuring and Rewarding Performance

Here you will gain understanding about measuring how your teams are performing and adding to the business.

Interpreting Business Accounts

This module teaches you how to interpret business account and understand your business health.

Tools of Financial Analysis

Learn about the techniques, tools and resources that helps you to manage your business effectively.

Managing Cash and Working Capital

Learn about the lifeblood of business and how to manage cash, cash flow and working capital.

Exercises in Quantitative Techniques

Here we help you to understand and use key figures in your business.

Impact of Technology on Business

With this module, you will understand how to analyse and make use of e-business within your business sector.

Innovation and R&D

Understand the importance of innovation and research and learn to create commercial advantage from it.

Managing the Supply Chain

Learn about your external and internal and how important they are for effective performance.

Implementing and Managing Quality Systems

In this, OBS helps you gain understanding about the importance of maintaining quality in business strategy.

Strategic Planning Tools

Find out about the ideas, tools and resources that can help you to develop an effective business strategy.

Strategic and Systems Management

Understand the various options for strategic direction and how making the right choices can help your company.

The Business Plan

Learn to develop a plan which will focus on the specified objectives and aims of your business.

Developing High Performance Teams

Explore ways to use teamwork to improve business performance.

Managing Projects

Learn how to get things done with the right tools and run projects successfully.

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