Tutor Support and Webinars

OBS is offering the learners a chance to access online tutor support. The tutor has a specialization in a particular module so learning becomes very easy.

If a student buys Tutor Support, he/she will get the following facilities:

  • One to one coaching with the help of online tutorials: Tutors help students by logging online and by personally giving them lessons through webinars, email or over the telephone.
  • Live interactive webinars: Just like learning from a single tutor online, they can participate in group discussions with other students. They can share information with other students and learn from them as well.
  • Recorded web-casts: If students can’t talk to live tutors or students, they can watch the pre-recorded lectures that are also available. They can gain information in this easy manner as well.

Students can also be a part of the Social Learning Forum in which teachers and students interact and share information. It is absolutely free. Students can also form their own support groups through the forum to assist in their learning process.

Open webinars are conducted in areas of general interest for grouped learning. Thereby providing interaction amongst teachers and students whereas recorded web-casts will provide learning on certain specific subjects.