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The OBS Undergraduate Hotel and Hospitality Management course for Level 4/5 is a 240 credit course, that will equip African students with the skills needed to build their careers in the global Hotel and Hospitality sector. The course consists of 10 level 4 modules (120 credits) and 10 level 5 modules (120 credits).

OBS Modules

Our modules have been specifically designed to provide training to our African students and enhance their understanding by developing them personally and professionally. The modules concentrate on the key areas that will enable you to build a rewarding career in developing nations like South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia, Uganda, Botswana etc.

Each OBS module comprises of 40 guided learning hours of material along with 30-50 hours of optional additional materials. The extra learning materials include recommended exercises, readings and different internet resources. OBS modules also include self testing exercises, which you need to answer carefully. Even though these testing exercises are not graded neither do they count in your final assessment, but the marking is usually checked against your final assessment scores to test for consistency.

OBS reserves the right to investigate in case were the standards reached in the ongoing exercise and the score attained in a full assessment are clearly inconsistent.

Governing Bodies

The modules have been designed against defined learning outcomes prescribed by the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and administered by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL). Moreover, we have articulated the learning outcomes against the ATHE UK (www.atheuk.com) curriculum, which is a recognised awarding body assessed and monitored by QAA (Quality Assurance Agency), the Government appointed quality assurance body.

Level 4 Module Listing

Accounting and Cost Control

The prerequisites of a successful business include financial management, cost control and budgeting. This module will explore major areas of budgeting and cost management and the significance of financial analysis and reporting.

Hospitality and Hotel Housekeeping

As Housekeeping is one of the key areas of this sector, this OBS module concentrates on the issues related to keeping rooming, as well as other public areas, to a high quality standard in both hotels and event locations. You will learn to consider customer expectations, quality, logistics and other practicalities.

Quality/Health And Safety

In this sector, one of the major responsibilities is to keep your guests and the public safe and protected. This responsibility is interrelated with the requirement for maintaining quality in whatever you do. Here you will focus on both practical and legal responsibilities in safeguarding employees and customers in your industry, as well as delivering to the highest standards.

Facilities Management

This sector depends on several subsidiary facilities which need to operate harmoniously and integrate effectively. You will explore different aspects like equipment and machinery in public both areas and in fields like lighting, food preparation, heating, public lifts etc.

Culinary and Nutritional Aspects

Modern hospitality and catering explores fresh areas of food and beverage planning with a growing focus on healthy eating and dietary requirements. In this module, you will get a look at the different aspects of planning menus and analysis of nutritional and dietary balance.

Marketing in Hotel and Leisure

In this highly competitive but segmented industry, you need to give specific messages for well defined target segments. Here you will learn about the segmentation present in the industry, major factors in using them and how these can impact on your marketing plan.

Primary Management Issues for Hospitality and Hotel Management

Effective operation relies on a well trained and high quality management team. With this module you will be able to explore the prominent areas in hotel and hospitality management which must be recognised and developed and the different skills needed.

Organisational Behaviour and Social Aspects in Hospitality

The hotel and hospitality sector is mainly customer facing with continuous and direct interaction with the clients at all levels of the customer experience. Thus there is a strong need to identify and address interpersonal and cultural issues. This OBS module helps you explore some of the issues and learn how these may impact in different sectors.

Training and CPD

Continual development and training is one of the key areas in this industry as a diverse range of difficulties and challenges arise constantly. Here we will help you to discover the major areas of the sector and concentrate on skill development, the planning required to manage an effective and successful organisation. .


The hotel and hospitality industry is rather unique in the diversity of required skills. Various types of complementary skills are needed to make sure that you offer high quality customer experience. In this module you will get to learn about all aspects of teamwork, key skill requirements as well as mechanisms for continuous improvement.

Level 5 Module Listing

Food Safety and Hygiene

Catering activities include much more than simply cooking skills. This OBS module concentrates on essential hygiene and food preparation skills and requirements. You will also learn about food nutrition, preparation, labelling and storage.

Food and Beverage Supply Chain Management

The internal and external supply chain in food and beverage provision is rather important and it needs certain skills and knowledge. Here you will analyse the elements of supply chain and also focus on all the management and control issues which arise at every stage.

Events and Conference Management

In event management, planning is crucial and excellent project management skills are a necessity. With this module, you can acquire the skills required to ensure seamless and smooth delivery of customer experiences and events.

Hotel Front Office Operations

In this industry, front office is the basic public face of the operations which requires a particular blend of skills. Here you will gain understanding about the activities at front office, the functions, responsibilities roles and key aspects for efficient performance.

Key Performance Indicators

The wide range of activities in the Hotel and Hospitality sector generate several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are needed for feedback and management control. These KPIs are an effective and strong management tool. Thus, in this module we teach you about the key indicators and how you can use them and respond to them.

Consumer Behaviour in the Hospitality and Hotel Industry

Consumer behaviour is one of the most important aspects which is closely related to the marketing plan. It is important that you learn how it varies in each market segment. Here you will explore patterns of consumer behaviour according to segment and learn how it impact your marketing plan.

Working With Third Parties in the Sector

This sector depends on various relationships, especially in the day and age of the internet and era instant information. Third party marketing, sub-contractors, equipment suppliers and comparison web sites have a strong impact on your business. You will learn to examine these impacts and also to deal with the management issues which arise.

Economics of the Sector

There are various micro and macro economic influences on this industry like economic strength, geo political, international conflicts and micro management issues of cost control, as well as labour provision. This OBS module looks at the different elements which may impact the industry.

Risk and Security in Hospitality and Hotel Management

Several global events demonstrate the challenges faced by the Hotel and Hospitality industry, from customer behaviour issues, fraud, personal safety to potential dangers related to food hygiene. In this module you will learn about the wide range of related issues and understand risk management planning.

The Use of Technology

We all know that technology is a crucial part of any industry and thus this sector is not an exception. Technology greatly influences this industry, not only internally within the business, but also on the outside with third parties acting as agents and contractors. This OBS module enables you to learn about the essential technologies and new emerging developments that might impact the sector.